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Our Story

Established on Broadway in June of 2000 by Norey Cullen, Norey’s has evolved into a Newport, Rhode Island brewpub & restaurant with a wide selection of rare craft beer, amazing wine list, and a dinner menu that has locals coming back for more, week after week.

When we first opened, our namesake went by Norey’s Star Restaurant and we were solely a breakfast and lunch eatery run by Norey Cullen, herself. It was then that she began perfecting her desserts she is so well known for today.


Norey brought in her son, Tyler, to work in the kitchen. As Tyler's knowledge and experience grew, he was handed more responsibility until he was given the option to transform Norey’s into the elite beer destination bar it is today.


In 2009, Chef Tyler Cullen set out to create an elite nightspot for the top one percent of all beer, wine and food connoisseurs. His purpose was to introduce Newport to the very best of the craft beer revolution, the finest wines, a dynamic Modern-American menu, and to ensure that the patrons who enter have a memorable night out on town.


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